You have to be strong because at the end you might be alone

I never been so strong than now after I and my ex-husband annulled. It’s really painful to be with someone else who does makes you lots of mistakes. I am done tolerating him, he had lost my patience. He has no right of continuing to control me every now and then. I don’t feel like I am happy beside him anymore. All I feel was pain emotionally and physically. Though it’s not always about hitting, pain also can destroy your inner self. Being emotionally tortured is much more painful than being beaten up. Especially to my case that I had lost my mother. I had a step farther yet we are not that close enough right after the death of my mom. That’s why I am afraid of being left out. I feared that this man of mine will eventually left me but if that would be the case we must be strong enough to carry on with life. We cannot please people all the time. We have to learn to stand by our own because at the end, we could only find ourselves. Maybe my decision of separation is a good choice. I was never been so happy since then. I am free from everything. I got to pay my own bills; I had no one today but release I got to meet lots of people because of my job. I feel so great that I was being chosen to become a West Midland escort as it helps me to change my life. I find happiness. Being a West Midland escort helps me see what I have lost for many years. It wasn’t easy starting again yet it was fulfilling at the end. I thought before that I couldn’t get away with my husband. I thought that it is hard for me to move on. But with the help of right people it is possible. Sometimes I thought of my past experiences and I realize why I did myself suffer that much if I can live alone. Having a partner all not we must be ready always to be alone. It’s only the thing that is possible in this world. You must train yourself to be strong, stop thinking negative thoughts because you can do it. Think about what you want in life even if that means walking alone. It’s okay to live a life that being single. Maybe it is not your time yet. Maybe you will find a better person than your past. Do not rush things for you, at one time you will find your Prince charming. At this very moment of time I just enjoyed myself and being a West Midland escort. I never was feel so good than this. I started to accept my faith. At the end of time, you will realize that everything has a reason. I am starting to accept everything that happened to me like my mother’s death, my family broke and my love is gone.

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