To date a Eton escort during Valentine’s day



One of the most beautiful feelings in life is celebrating Valentine’s Day of your one great love. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of heart, its time of love and you just spread love to everyone. You see many people loving and forgiving each other, many people sent love letter and roses to each other. It is also the time for all couples. Couples who love each other very much are more to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Ahead of that month, they are more prepared and plan for that particular day, some set a dinner and spend the whole night on their partner. When we are in love we are the happiest person on earth; we feel to be living in heaven. We find ourselves the joy and laughter we experiencing, we spread good vibes to everyone. When we are in love, we see everything as beautiful as the love we have; we appreciate everything around us, we are less to pissed and not prone to angry now. We only feel happiness, an extreme feeling that we cannot explain, and that is the beauty of love.


To find someone to be in your life is everything. When you see many people are happily in love and saw it in their eyes. We also want to experience that kind of love, but this day it’s hard to pick the real person, the genuine to love and most of all to care for us through our journey. Do you ever realize that when we are in love we can do impossible things and make it possible? Our fears are gone, and so we become brave to fight our life. We are not afraid anymore for the coming of problems, because we know we hold on someone’s hand.


My name is Bry Smith, t twenty nine years old, and when I was a kid, I am curious about Valentine’s Day, saw this person giving roses, kisses, hugs, and letters to each other. They seem so happy and lovely. My parents do celebrate Valentine’s Day, and they were adorable. One of my dreams is that someday I could have someone to be my date during Valentine’s Day. And not too soon, I found the woman that keeps my heart beating, she is so beautiful, and out, she lives in Eton and works as a Eton escort from On Valentine’s Day, I have asked her to be my date. I really prepared for it, I bought flowers and book a restaurant. I already practiced myself on what to act and say towards her. I felt nervous and fetched her. She is the most beautiful, and we spend the whole night with love and happiness.

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