Teen Meets A Mid-Aged Escort

Malcolm has always been that teenage boy who always wanted to explore and try out new things. During classes, he would always admire and picture his class teacher naked. This caused him some embracing moments in class especially when he was told to write something on the board. He always had an erection. His desire to have sex with an older woman grew every day and things became worse when he visited porn sites.

To kill his anxiety, he one day decided to go through an escort site and see if there were any age restriction. He stumbled across a certain escort site that had beautiful women ready for any type of a client. He was particularly attracted to a certain mid aged escort called Susan.

He followed the procedures provided by the agency, made the payments and set up a date at his friend’s house who was away for the weekend. He set everything right and waited for his date.

Susan was stuck in traffic and so she decided to call Malcom and make things clear why she would run late. Malcolm was calm and composed and gave her enough time. An hour later, he had a knock on the door. He went to open and there stood a tall, curvy, hot looking mid aged escort who perfectly matched Malcom’s expectations.

She walked in and Malcolm was tensed for a moment. She asked if he was alone and Malcom assured her no one would come in. He locked the door and ushered his new acquaintance to the couch. He wanted to be a gentle man so he offered Susan a drink.

The two were now seated on the couch sipping some wine. Susan had to interrogate him to find out exactly the type of a client he was. Malcom was open enough to tell him that this was his first time hiring an escort and a mid-aged one at that. She knew she had to make the meeting count and so she was quick to make the first move.

She asked him whether he was comfortable on the couch and he said yes. She approached him, took off his hat and kissed him. At that point Malcom froze for a minute. It was no ordinary kiss. She kissed him more before going down on her knees to reach for his dick. She gave Malcom the best blow job of his life. She knew he was about to come and so she dropped down her pants before it was too late and sat on him. She rode him for 5 minutes before he came. It was such a shame he couldn’t hold it in a bit longer. She assured him it was just fine since the night had just began.

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