Melanie is the most beautiful West Midland escort.

I do not know why I keep chasing Ella Reynolds. She had already turned me down a couple of times but I still push myself to her, and it’s not going well at all. Sofia does not want me at all. My pride does not let me move in with her. I feel like getting dump by a woman over and over again only fuel and changes me to make her mine even more. She and I were close friends in the past, but recently our relationship came tumbling down when I told her the truth. I said to Ella Reynolds what I genuinely feel, and she did not like it at all. She told me that she is not looking for anything serious right now. She is focusing on finishing med School, and I will distract her from achieving her dreams. It was very admirable yet hurtful at the same time. Sofia is a beautiful young lady, and I do love her very much but no matter how hard I persuaded her always failed in my attempts. I had finally given up on her and decided to look for women just like her, kind and sweet at the same time. But finding a woman just like her was hard for me. I could not find anyone who I was interested in. All of them was not my type. I almost lost all hope but when I meet this gorgeous young West Midland escorts of my dreams came back again. Her name is Melanie Griffin, and she is a West Midland escort. I met her when I booked a West Midland escorts recently. She’s just like Ella, but I do believe she is better. She and I connected in a lot of ways. We agreed in everything we talked about and our vibe when we are together is just amazing. I wanted to make Melanie mine, but she was on the fence. She told me that she could not just quit her work just for me. She needs it, and it pays very well. Even though I was uncomfortable at first, I decided to take it like a man. I will be strong enough to be his boyfriend no matter what. I told her that I would not be jealous even if she stayed as an escort. I trusted her very much anyways. Since then our relationship got stronger and stronger. We always have a blast when we are together. I finally found a girl that’s better than the one dumped me. My life simply better now that Melanie is in my life. I’m sure that we will stay strong in the years to come and I hope that it will get to the point of marriage someday.

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