I must be the luckiest girl in the world.

Sure, there are plenty of girls out there who may not think that working for a London escort service is the best job in London, but I do. Before I worked at Bloomsbury escorts, I used to be just another girl with a low paid job, and was not really able to enjoy life to the max as I like to say. Not wanting to get myself into debt, I have never had a credit card or anything like that. You see, my biggest passion apart from my gents at Bloomsbury escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/bloomsbury-escorts, is going shopper.


However, I am not your usual shopper. I just love shopping and saving money, and I have even started my own blog about shopping. Do I only blog about shopping in stores? No, I don’t only blog about shopping in stores. If you join the newsletter on my website, I will let you know how you can save money in other ways as well by using the best deals online. Shopping sites such as Groupon has got some excellent deals when it comes to holidays, and many other offers.


The girls I work with at Bloomsbury escorts like to call me the coupon lady. That may be true, but I have noticed that most of my colleagues at Bloomsbury escorts subscribe to my newsletter. I just love finding out about all of the latest offers, and as soon as I have got enough of them, I put them in my newsletter. Recently I have started to look at other offers apart from shopping offers, and if you are looking for good deals on banking and stuff like that, I am your girl as well.


One of my dates at the escort agency in Bloomsbury is sure that I have saved my followers thousands of pounds. To be fair, it is not that difficult to save money, but you do need to make a job out of it. Some people think that they are going to save money by not making an effort at all, but that is not true. I have really put a lot of effort into my site, and a great deal of my spare time is used to do research and find the best deals around in London and online. It seems to be appreciated and I do get a lot of responses from my followers.


When I leave Bloomsbury escorts, I plan to start my own little onlines magazines about money saving tips. There are lots of companies out there who love to promote their online codes and coupons, and I thought that I might be able to do that for them in a magazine. As far as I can see, no one has a digital magazines which promotes shopping and discounts at the moment. Of course, the other girls at Bloomsbury escorts think that I am mad, but you really can achieve a lot of things by stepping away from the norm and doing what other people do.

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