I hope that my London escort girlfriend would take me back.

I am not in a good spot in my life right now but I am not planning to blame other people. I have not been myself lately because I had lost the most important job of my career. I got in a bad shape when my girlfriend showed up late evening in my house and had seen me naked with another woman. I do believe that I deserve a second chance but that is only my opinion. My girlfriend is a London escort and her name is Sara.

I really can’t tell if my London escort girlfriend would ever decide to forgive me again. I have already promised her all the love that remorse I can give but she did not respond to any of it. I think that this London escort had a really hard time understanding why I did that to her. I thought in the past that I would never cheat on my London escort girlfriend but I was wrong. I was tempted and done a stupid mistake. me and my friend were bagging out drinking and when we got drunk I invited her to my house which is the worst timing because my London escort girlfriend is commuting to surprise me.

I know that my action is unforgivable and that I am not a good man but I still want to become a better guy. All my life I have been told that I am not a good man but my London escort girlfriend always supports me no matter what. She is the only woman for me and I believe that things will still be alright for both of us if I just do my part as a good boyfriend. No matter what I did she still have a lot of resentment for me and I do not really blame her.

My London escort girlfriend is a very sweet lady and I am very stupid to make the mistake of booking up with another lady. I know that I will definitely change in the future but I still need to convince my London escort girlfriend. She is the most crucial person in my life and losing her would devastate me no matter what. I see a lot of signs that she would probably willing to take me back but I have a choice. I either have to be patient or I risk losing her for good. I know that I would do everything for this London escort if she will just give me a reason to stay.

I do not want any one in my life other that she and I would admit my wrong doings without a problem at all. I just have to understand that there are a lot of people that is trying to bring us down and will just keep on being the people the people that we are supposed to be. I will do everything in my power to make her mine again. I just hope that this London escort will come back in my life.

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