Colchester escort makes me feel better.



One of the most amazing things in life is having someone to make you feel better. To have someone to inspires and give you motivation in life. We all need someone to hold our hand when we are about to lose. To have someone in our life is a blessing, mainly if they were with us through thick and thin. To have someone in life, makes us realize that everything is going to be alright, that everything seems to be perfect and goes in the plan. Love is beautiful, it inspires people and feels us lucky. Love is the reason why we are grateful to wake up each day. It is the reason that we are motivated in our life, and move forward. It is the reason why we are driven by each day and work on ourselves. It is the reason why we have to go beyond in our life, and not get stuck. Love makes us feel beautiful and inspired. When we know someone is there for us, we are not afraid to take risks, and challenges in our life. There are times we feel that our decisions in life won’t work, we have someone to help us balanced things and make it work. We are not afraid that we stumble, to know that we have someone on our side, and help us to rise again is everything. People who are judgemental and keeps dragging s down becomes useless, they do not matter on us anymore, and won’t affects in our life. We always look forward to our future, and no matter, how many people discourage us, we don’t care, as long as we have someone to keep encouraging us which is more beautiful. Life may give us many reasons to drag us down, but we don’t fear anymore as long as we have someone beside us. People in our life that continuously love us should be treasured and keep. They are hard to find.


One woman has changed my views. I almost curse all women because of what my ex-girlfriend did to me. She hurt me and broke up with me. And that is the most painful thing that happened to me. I thought her love was real and so I believe her. But it was just a set up to get everything she wants. I have a hard time moving on and so decided to go to Colchester. It is a place in London which I find peaceful and calm. The location is harmonious and happy that I have seen the woman who helps me to through my pain. She is a Colchester escort from, and I feel better when I am with her.

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